Lady Victoria Lust

Lady Victoria Lust


In late 1987, Marvin Davis (aka Lady Victoria Lust) put together the first ever "PWA Christmas Benefit".  The proceeds of this event would be given as a cash-in-hand gift to PWA's to spend however they wished.  The show raised $400.  The first year, 80 PWA's received a five-dollar bill enclosed in a Christmas card.  The concept of the "PWA Christmas Benefit" was so fresh and unique, that the community asked for more; and Marvin provided.  As one success followed another, it soon became apparent that he would have to consider incorporating his work as a business or discontinue it all together.

Knowing of no service agencies that were set up to handle this innovative charitable concept, Marvin was at a loss as to how to proceed.  However, the Colt 45's saw the need for this work to continue and offered shelter in their organization as a separate account under their 501(c)(3) status.  Marvin would operate the account; the Colt 45's would administer the funds and handle the disbursements and book-keeping.  Thus was born "The PWA Holiday Fund".  In 1994, realizing the need for assistance in handling the many aspects of operating this account, Marvin established "the PWA Holiday Fund Board" - a group of hand-picked people to help him do just that.  He decided to appoint a new board each year and then present them to the community during the now annual "PWA Holiday Charities Christmas Benefit".
At the 1995 event, the last one at which Marvin would personally officiate, he presented the fifteen people he had selected for that year including two co-directors and a secretary.  Thereafter, the Board would meet about every six weeks to plan the next event and prepare for those that would follow.  At the 1996 meeting, the Board was presented with the proposal to consider becoming a 501(c)(3) organization on its own.  The Board voted to investigate that possibility and began to proceed.  A steering committee was formed.  An attorney was consulted.  Application for a state charter was submitted and approved.  The name of the organization then became "PWA Holiday Charities".  Application for 501(c)(3) status was submitted.  However, Marvin Davis would not live to see his dream come true.  In the early morning hours of November 3, 1996, Marvin suffered a cardiac arrest and passed away.  

As the local Houston community mourned the loss of this loved and respected community servant, the PWA Holiday Fund Board and the Board of Directors of PWA Holiday Charities took up the mantel that Marvin had left and proceeded with passion and determination to see this vision become a reality. Today, as a tax exempt charitable organization, we continue in the tradition instituted by our late founder:  to provide for those members of our community affected by HIV/AIDS.



                                          History Of the LVL PWA CampOut



In October of 1993 Marvin Davis, (a.k.a., Lady Victoria Lust pictured with John in photo above), had gone to a camping event called Rosebud at the TCC Landsite. Marvin fell in love with the landsite and started plans so that others who were less fortunate would be able to get out into the “wilderness” and have some peaceful time away from their daily lives.

Marvin approached several people with the idea, and the LVL PWA Campouts were on their way to becoming a reality. TCC offered the landsite, free of charge, for the weekends needed. Through his networking and help from many TCC Member Clubs, commercial businesses such as bars, and many, many individuals thoughout Texas, the campouts were fast became a reality.

The first LVL PWA Campout was held in September 1995. Two more followed, one in May and another in September of 1996. Marvin passed away suddenly several weeks after the September campout. Marvin had been very active in the Houston Gay HIV/AIDS Community and was in the process of creating a charity organization of his own that was to be run by a hand-full of volunteers from the community. The Lady Victoria Lust Holiday Fund, sheltered by the Colt 45’s, became PWA Holiday Charities. Marvin lived long enough to see this organization receive its charter.



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